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Easy IT. Only from Manawa.

The type of technology that drives business today is more than GBs and GHz. Your businesses technology enables communications, collaboration, customer care and all human factors through which businesses thrive and function. So what is Manawa’s job? Manawa will deliver top notch IT service in Toronto that will help keep everything ticking so you can focus on your business.

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Your dedicated account manager

Here at Manawa we will take the frustration out of IT by providing you with a dedicated account manager trained to handle all of your Toronto IT support service needs. Your personal dedicated account manager will know your technology, your business, and all of the small details which you may forget about. So, if you are looking for a IT services company in Toronto that will be there to help you every step of the way then look no further than Manawa.


Your IT. Our business.

We offer a full line of IT services in Toronto. Think of us as your in-house IT department. Whether you are looking for network strategy, implementation, maintenance or troubleshooting you can count on Manawa to do the job right! By the way; we speak tech, and human too so do not worry about your lack of technical terms and knowledge; we are here to help. Our team may be immersed in technology - but we're not lost in it. Sure, we will occasionally resort to TLA's (Three Letter Acronyms), but really, we prefer to communicate in English. If you have any questions about managed IT services in Toronto; we would love to hear from you.


Yes, we speak tech. And human too.

Our team may be immersed in technology - but we're not lost in it. Sure, we will occasionally resort to TLA's (Three Letter Acronyms), but really, we prefer to communicate. Let's find some time to talk.


Why Manawa?

It’s a pretty important question. If you search “Managed IT Services Toronto” on Google, it will return over a billion responses (in about .41 seconds). Search in your geographic area, and the number loses a zero or two but the question remains – Why should you choose Manawa, when faced with so many choices for an IT services company in Toronto. The real answer to the question “Why Manawa?” is the many benefits that we can provide you with. Take a look at what we bring to your business:

Our People

Manawa Associates are experienced and highly trained professionals who bring the combined knowledge of our team with them when they walk through your door. They are the types of individuals that you would look to hire if you ran an IT service company in Toronto.

Our Process

We empower our people with an effective process that starts with Manawa’s commitment to providing personalized IT services in Toronto. This includes case management, metrics, measurements and more; all within an industry standard approach for IT delivery while encouraging innovation and creativity at every step.

Our Platform

Our IT platform and the foundation from which we run our business is the top in the managed IT services in Toronto industry. We deliver Service Automation, Service Management and Cloud Monitoring. This technology enables our people to serve your business.

News & Updates

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